Improve Consistency, Predictability, and Cost savings in Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Oil & Gas

The 2010 Gulf oil spill provided a dramatic and highly visible example of the consequences of poor quality within the oil and gas equipment industry.

Globalization has led to both new revenue opportunities for oil & gas equipment manufacturers and suppliers and decentralized supply chains, which make it harder to effectively manage supplier product quality.

This has led to increased pressure on suppliers to adopt more efficient quality control processes.

Increase Speed and Accuracy with Automation

InspectionXpert OnDemand can read the dimension values directly from the CAD system (e.g. Pro|Engineer/Creo, SolidWorks, etc…) or from a PDF and/or TIF file via optical character recognition (OCR), which provides significant improvement in both speed and accuracy over manual methods.

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  • Improve Consistency, Predictability, and Cost savings in Oil & Gas Manufacturing

    Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers can both achieve increased consistency and predictability, and decreased costs through automation.

    • InspectionXpert OnDemand identifies and extracts inspection characteristics (e.g. dimensions, tolerances, etc…) from 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models (CATIA only for 3D), reducing the chance for error.
    • It reads most CAD drawing formats, including PDF and TIFF files, making it easy to adopt and integrate with existing processes.
    • You can quickly add balloons or bubbles to identify dimensions on your drawing, saving time and increasing efficiency.