Our Software Identifies and Extracts AS9102 Requirements From Your 2D CAD Drawings and Automatically Creates AS9102 Forms

AS9102 FAI Software for Aerospace and Defense

The InspectionXpert® product family automates the process of generating First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) according to the SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) that are AS9102 compliant for use within the aerospace and defense industry.

This Includes:

  • Form 1.  Bill of materials
  • Form 2.  Material / process specifications
  • Form 3. Inspection characteristics (dimensions, tolerances, and notes)

Reads Multiple CAD Drawing Formats

InspectionXpert has solutions for most CAD drawing formats, which enables you to quickly add balloons or bubbles to identify dimensions on your drawing.

AS9102 FAI and PPAP Dimensional Results Report Templates

InspectionXpert comes with AS9102 FAI and PPAP Dimensional Results templates right out of the box so you can start exporting to the formats your customers require right away.

Interested in a sample AS9102 template in Microsoft® Excel®? Click here to download a Free AS9102 Template!

Do you want to learn more about meeting the AS9102 reporting requirements? Click here to download our InspectionXpert AS9102 Tips eBook!

Interested in a free PPAP Dimensional Results template in Microsoft Excel? Click here to download a Free PPAP Dimensional Results Template!

Software helps with AS9102 compliance for Boeing suppliers and other suppliers

Need Help?

Let us help you!

If you need help getting up to speed, covering for turnover, or for other unexpected reasons, InspectionXpert has the training and know-how to help bridge the gap.

We’re available to handle form completion, submission, and customization of AS9102, PPAP, and other required inspection planning and quality forms.

Interested? Contact us to learn more

*Our reports are up to International Aerospace Quality Group, IAQG Standards.

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