InspectionXpert and QualityXpert Releases

We are proud to announce new releases for InspectionXpert and QualityXpert! InspectionXpert’s new SP 5.1 release provides our users numerous enhancements to improve usability and fixes a few issues previously found. We have focused on providing seamless large-scale inspections that have overwhelmed our software in the past. The release notes for InspectionXpert 5.1 can be found here. QualityXpert 1.24, released very recently, has been enhanced to provide less confusion to the location and toggle of certain details. We have taken steps to prevent mistakes in entering measurements to ensure the most accurate results, and we have improved readability of numerous parts of the program. You can review the full release notes for QualityXpert 1.24 here.Both of these releases guarantee even more ease when handling our software and introduce new and exciting features that we can’t wait to share with our users.

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