InspectionXpert OnDemand – Service Pack Release Notes – 20161219

FAI from MBD Inspection Model in InspectionXpertThis week we released the latest service pack of our industry-leading inspection planning software, InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0.  This latest release includes new features that continue to advance the robust capabilities of version 2.0. These features are based on the priorities established by our end user feedback, and combines functions and capabilities designed to make the user experience faster and more productive while creating First-Article Inspection Report forms (FAI under AS9102, EN9102, SJAC9102, etc…), PPAP forms, and layout inspection forms. This release also includes enhancements to Continue reading InspectionXpert OnDemand – Service Pack Release Notes – 20161219

Happy Holidays from InspectionXpert

  InspectionXpert HolidayFrom all of us at InspectionXpert Corporation, we extend our Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace, Joy and Success. In observance of the holidays, InspectionXpert Corporation will be closed on the 23rd and 26th of December and the 2nd of January.

Why We Built a Shop Floor Quality System from Scratch

A letter from InspectionXpert® founder Jeff Cope.

Jeff_Cope 200 x 182

For most of our customers, employees and partners, it is easy to take for granted the current inspection planning and reporting technology in the marketplace and how the QA/QC and supply chain processes have evolved as a result of that technology. However, as the founder of InspectionXpert Corporation (Extensible CAD Technologies at our inception in 2004) who introduced the manufacturing world to automated inspection planning and reporting in 2004, I often reflect on the exhilaration of replacing the time-consuming and error-prone manual inspection-planning process of the 19th century with a 21st century inspection planning solution.

In the twelve years since we set out to make manufacturing quality simple by delivering software that didn’t suck and introduced our inspection planning tools, we have helped over seven thousand users at over two thousand companies drastically improve their quality inspection planning and reporting. We have drastically reduced the burden of inspection planning and reporting from the world’s largest manufacturing companies such as United Technologies and Medtronic to cutting edge companies like Virgin Galactic and Penske Racing down to the smallest single-person job shops all over the world. In spite of these accomplishments, I believe we have just scratched the surface in terms of revolutionizing quality processes in manufacturing. It is much faster and less error-prone to plan, record and report a quality inspection today than it was twelve years ago but the inspection plans and results still live in disconnected silos today. Analysis and SPC reside in another silo. Gage Management and Gage R & R are in another silo. Production Part Approval Process, PPAP, documents are stored in yet another silo. Because of these silos, it is difficult to analyze the relationships among these areas of data for trends. Because much of this data is still stored in spreadsheets, paper drawings and paper check sheets, there is often little consistency in how these processes are managed.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some software applications out there that aim to integrate all of the quality functions of manufacturing into a single system. However, these applications, known as Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), were mostly written in the 1980s or 1990s, using 1970s relational database technology, based upon the quality needs of large enterprises. Because these systems were built with large enterprise in mind, they are typically very expensive and require lengthy and complex implementations. The excessive initiation costs for these systems places implementation risk squarely on the manufacturing organization. Additionally these EQMS systems, although a big improvement in their heyday, carry a lot of baggage due to antiquated programming languages and development methodologies, legacy technology and antiquated delivery models. The result is a very poor user experience for the end user and an unacceptable distribution of risk for the organization.

So, we built QualityXpert, a shop floor quality platform, from scratch for the following reasons:

Manufacturing Has Changed – Manufacturing has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. More and more manufacturing is being done in deep and globally distributed supply chains versus at OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. Legacy EQMS was never designed for this challenge of globally distributed supply chains made up of smaller and smaller suppliers, and inspection on the shop floor.

Software Technology Has Changed – We are in the midst of a period of profound and unparalleled technological advancement with regard to software development technologies and processes. Monolithic relational database technology requiring expensive hardware has given way to flexible, agile database technology that can scale to millions of users on commodity hardware. Heavy, administrator-installed software that only runs on a single machine has given way to browser-based software that runs on any computer.

Manufacturing Organizations Need Relief – Burdens on small to medium manufacturers are increasing rapidly due to industry standards such as AS9102 & PPAP and methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma. This coincides with increased price pressure due to globalization and shortages of skilled workers due to demographic trends. In spite of these challenges, most small and medium sized manufacturing organizations are still using paper inspection drawings, spreadsheets and paper work instructions. We believe we can revolutionize this paper-based process by integrating inspection planning, in-line or in-process inspection, real-time SPC, non-conformance tracking and gage management into a single system that is accessible by any user on any device at any time.

I love the satisfaction of knowing that something I created, made a big difference in our customers’ businesses. I hope you will take a look at QualityXpert to see how we can make a big difference in your business.

Jeff Cope

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 has been released!

This exciting release combines the powerful features of InspectionXpert OnDemand and InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD into a single product to meet all of your inspection needs. Optical character recognition (OCR) allows InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 to read product and manufacturing information (PMI) from image based PDF and TIFF files. InspectionXpert’s SmartExtract feature enables users to extract PMI from multiple annotations in a single step, automatically identifying and creating individual characteristics in seconds. SmartExtract is supported for a variety searchable text PDFs and native CAD file formats, including; CATIA, AutoCAD, Pro|ENGINEER/Creo, and UG-NX providing significant improvements in both speed and accuracy over manual methods.

Keep an eye out for an email notification with more information about InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 next week.

Log in to our Software Portal now to try it out!

Visit InspectionXpert at IMTS Chicago

InspectionXpert Corporation will be attending the IMTS show in Chicago, Illinois September 12 – 16, 2016.  Our Booth# is E-5901 (see the included exhibitor map for our location). Join us to see the latest products, including commercial releases of our two most exciting new products ever;
  • Witness the unveiling of QualityXpert®, shopfloor quality software for the 21st century and discover the benefit of having all of your inspection, SPC and gage data in a single, secure, web-enabled platform,
  • See why InspectionXpert OnDemand® 2.0 moves quality inspection planning into a new generation of ease of use and unequaled capabilities,
  • Find out more about how our integration partners like Verisurf Software can provide a complete solution for increased efficiency, and
  • Meet founder and CTO Jeff Cope and the InspectionXpert team!
The InspectionXpert Team will be onsite the entire week of September 12th. If your attending the show, stop by and see our latest products. Please contact for more information and to schedule a meeting or demonstration.  Follow us on social media for exciting announcements and live updates from the IMTS Show.

New Look, New Software Portal

As you can tell we’ve updated our web site. Along with the fresh look we’ve improved our software portal to provide customer’s access to their license information. The new software portal is accessed by entering the customer’s current username and password when prompted after clicking “Login” located in the upper left hand corner of
login 2
Once logged in downloads will be present for the software that the user has a current valid license for. Downloads are available on the “Download” tab of the software portal.
Customers will now be able to view license information by selecting the “Licenses” tab.
If the customer goes elsewhere on they can return to the software portal by clicking on “Login”. If you have any questions or if you’re not able to login to the user portal, please contact for resolution.

Announcing InspectionXpert’s Sizzlin’€™ Summer Webinar Series

Looking to beat the summer heat? Look no further. Spend 27 minutes in the comfort of your air conditioned office and join InspectionXpert to learn how you can save time, money and automate your inspection process. Save Time and Eliminate Errors
  • Create inspection / technical data packages from PDF, TIF, DWG™, Catia®, NX® and Creo®
  • Balloon 2D drawings or 3D models for inspection
  • Create AS9102, PPAP or custom reports to meet your inspection reporting needs
  • Capture results from hand tools and gauges and instantly see out of tolerance conditions
  • Import results from any CMM and correlate with print dimensions for instant reporting with no data entry
The focus of each webinar will be using InspectionXpert to meet AS9102 or PPAP requirements and automate the inspection process for manufactures. Each webinar will be geared toward applying InspectionXpert in a specific manufacturing industry. Visit our Upcoming Events Page to register  
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Innovation Meets History at Le Mans!

6/21/2016    0 comments
Extra, extra, read all about it!

It’s great to see innovation and execution come together, and this new story about our customer Roush Yates Engines is a recent example.


We support our customers continued success and appreciate your interest. Let us know if you have news you would like to share!  
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Another Win for Roush Yates Engines!

When our customers achieve newsworthy successes, we want everyone to know. Please share this story and let us know if you have news you would like to share! KESELOWSKI, BACK TO VICTORY LANE IN DEGA!

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