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Support Site Outage

When it rains, it pours. Or in this case, one thing breaks and then it snows. We’ve been experiencing intermittent outages on our support site, and we’re making system changes to prevent these issues moving forward. One of these changes is moving our support site to  support.inspectionxpert.com. You may notice some differences, but we’re making significant improvements...
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QualityXpert 1.25 Release Notes

1.25 Release Notes QualityXpert has been updated to increase usability with our software. Below, the enhancements found in the update are detailed. Enhancements We have changed the ‘Inspection Plan’ button on the ‘Part Details’ page to a ‘Inspection Plan’ tab in order to maintain consistency with the other options on the page. In order to...
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QualityXpert 1.24 Release Notes

S1.24 Release Notes We have improved numerous aspects of QualityXpert to increase user ease with the software. To view the original release notes of the QualityXpert 1.24 release, click here. Below, the enhancements and fixes found in the update are detailed. QualityXpert 1.24 Enhancements The Xpert Guides pop up’s presence on the webpage can now...
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