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Support Site Outage

When it rains, it pours. Or in this case, one thing breaks and then it snows. We’ve been experiencing intermittent outages on our support site, and we’re making system changes to prevent these issues moving forward. One of these changes is moving our support site to You may notice some differences, but we’re making significant improvements...
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InspectionXpert OnDemand 2017 SP6

Issues Resolved: • We have resolved numerous performance issues that users were experiencing with InspectionXpert OnDemand. These issue effected users ability to quickly extract characteristics as well as open existing project. • We have had some customers report an issue with the application crashing when attempting to save larger project files. We have now fixed...
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InspectionXpert 5.1 Release Notes

SP 5.1 Release notes The new release includes numerous improvements to our software that assists in effortless user interactions and provides fixes to minor issues discovered through extensive testing. Updated, large-scale inspections are easier than ever to provide ease to companies of all sizes. To view the original release notes of the 5.1 release, click here. Below,...
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InspectionXpert SP 5.0

Our team has worked to ensure that the InspectionXpert SP 5.0 update will provide ease for users in every aspect of the software. We have heard and put customer feedback to use, and are eager to share the enhancements of this new update with our customers. The original release notes for this new update can...
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