Software for Inspection Planning in Minutes not Hours...

Software for Inspection Planning in Minutes not Hours...

InspectionXpert's Story

For over a decade InspectionXpert has focused on building simple tools for Small and Mid-Sized manufacturing businesses. Our Inspection Planning and Quality Management tools have been architected and built with input from manufacturing professionals across the world.

Our customer-focused team is dedicated to understanding your shop needs and requirements and delivering best practices with best-in class service. Most importantly, we believe in creating easy to use, purpose built software that gets the job done. 

Our vision is that every job shop, regardless of size or complexity, has access to the tools that give them visibility into their business and allows them to maximize their efficiency and profitability.  Check us out and see if we are a good fit for you!

The increasing reliance on just-in-time manufacturing, the focus on delivery dates and the drive for improved quality means suppliers and job shops have to find new ways to compete. InspectionXpert is committed to developing purpose-built solutions made for job shops around the world.


  • “I believe the power of InspectionXpert lies in its ability to simplify and expedite complex FAI projects and/or FAI’s required in high volume due to constant design iterations. Their technical support staff is extremely responsive and goes the extra mile to troubleshoot any questions that may arise.”

    Wes Anderson
  • “We’ve seen a time saving of almost 90% by using InspectionXpert OnDemand”

    Dwayne Anders
    Thomas Instruments
  • “InspectionXpert has already paid for itself at least three times by catching parts that were out of tolerance or missing threads before they got to the customer. I’ve already referred them to a couple of my customers.”

    W. Patrick Wirtz
    Wirtz Wire EDM, LLC
  • Our company’s experience with InspectionXpert has been nothing short of outstanding! They have not only met our expectations but worked with us to find solutions that were outside of the box. They’ve combined many of our documents into one template that we previously entered individually, which saves a great deal of time and effort. The service has continued to be extraordinary even after the sale.

    Mark Ganger
    Paragon Medical
  • “Without InspectionXpert, we would need at least four more employees to keep up with the current workload. The difference amounts to an annual savings of $120,000 per year based on a $30,000 employee salary!”

    Quality Team
    MIC Group

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