Aerospace & Defense

Increased globalization has created new revenue opportunities for aerospace and defense manufacturers. However, manufacturing quality processes must be streamlined and optimized to gain advantage and, as supply chains become more decentralized, managing supplier product quality becomes more challenging.

That’s why many major aerospace and defense companies and their suppliers are adopting InspectionXpert® software and services.

Whether you’re managing global supply chains or a single supplier looking to meet your customers’ quality inspection requirements, InspectionXpert can help you achieve AS9102 compliance, accelerate your quality processes, achieve consistency and predictability, and lower costs.

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Learn how InspectionXpert can help you achieve AS9102 compliance.

An Automated Solution

InspectionXpert automates the process of identifying and extracting inspection characteristics such as dimensions, tolerances, and notes from your 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models.
  • Quick deployment (automatic installation from the web) and easy to learn
  • Add balloons or bubbles quickly to identify dimensions on your drawings
  • Improves speed and accuracy over manual methods
  • Integrates into major OEM IT environments

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Don’t let your FAIs choke your productivity…customize your InspectionXpert OnDemand export to match your customer’s requirements.
  • AS9102 inspection report templates out of the box.
  • FAI Ballooning
  • Limited Dimension Drawings (LDD)
  • Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Need an AS9102 Template To Get Started?

The InspectionXpert® product family automates the process of generating First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) according to the SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) that are AS9102 compliant for use within the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Template Includes:
  • AS-9102 Best Practices Guide
  • Form 1: Bill of materials Form
  • Form 2: Material / process specifications
  • Form 3: Inspection characteristics (dimensions, tolerances, and notes)