About Our Company

Our Story

InspectionXpert Corporation was founded by engineer and software developer, Jeffery N. Cope.  Leveraging our expertise in software development and deployment, InspectionXpert Corporation is able to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to customers across the globe. It is why our company goal is to develop integrated software solutions and productivity enhancement tools for manufacturing and quality inspection.

Today, our company’s software products and services are utilized across all the mission-critical manufacturing industries (aerospace/defense, medical device, oil & gas, automotive and heavy industries) and InspectionXpert® software is used major OEMs as part of their enterprise quality automation platforms to small suppliers and job shops. We have experienced 5 consecutive years of double digit growth because we listen to our customers and strive for the elegant balance of power and capability with the highest level of ease of use.

Jeff Cope

Why We Do It

In his work with manufacturing companies across industries, Jeff discovered a need for automation in the area of Quality Inspection Package creation. Jeff first developed InspectionXpert® to generate quality sampling sheets from SolidWorks drawings to help meet that need and InspectionXpert Corporation  (formerly Extensible CAD Technologies LLC) quickly gained customers. Soon after developing InspectionXpert for SolidWorks, InspectionXpert Corporation developed InspectionXpert First-Article as a CAD-neutral program for creating ballooned inspection drawings and inspection sheets from common formats such as PDF and TIFF. In 2011, InspectionXpert First Article was re-engineered replaced by two new products: InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand.

What's Next for InspectionXpert

The InspectionXpert company’s product line continues to expand with new OnDemand, Cloud and On-Premise software solutions and our services team is providing hands-on quality management services to a growing list of manufacturing leaders and suppliers. Our goal of providing simple and effective software continues to guide each development our company makes. For more information about our InspectionXpert products and services click here.