New Look, New Software Portal

As you can tell we’ve updated our web site. Along with the fresh look we’ve improved our software portal to provide customer’s access to their license information. The new software portal is accessed by entering the customer’s current username and password when prompted after clicking “Login” located in the upper left hand corner of
login 2
Once logged in downloads will be present for the software that the user has a current valid license for. Downloads are available on the “Download” tab of the software portal.
Customers will now be able to view license information by selecting the “Licenses” tab.
If the customer goes elsewhere on they can return to the software portal by clicking on “Login”. If you have any questions or if you’re not able to login to the user portal, please contact for resolution.

InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2016 SP01 has been released!


InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2016 SP01 Release Notes

We are proud to announce the first service pack release of InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD for 2016! With maintenance release we have implemented more than 50 improvements related to extraction, drawing/model rendering, and publishing features. Head to the software portal to download this update now!

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InspectionXpert’® Expanding Advisory Board & Solidifies Mission Vision

InspectionXpert is elated to announce a new member to InspectionXpert’s Board of Advisors, Donald Thompson. The cloud-based quality inspection software company decided recently to enhance its advisory board to help better guide the explosive growth the firm has experienced over the past eight years.  Donald is a creative strategist who embodies the type of board member that understands the path InspectionXpert wants to take in the future and knows how to support its evolution.  He has worked with Jeff Cope, the CEO of InspectionXpert, in multiple capacities for over ten years.

InspectionXpert develops software solutions and services for manufacturing quality professionals.  Since 2004, InspectionXpert Corporation has been dedicated to “Manufacturing Quality Made Simple.”

InspectionXpert is devoted to helping its diverse customer base of manufacturers solve their quality inspection challenges by delivering best in class software solutions and fanatical customer service.

The InspectionXpert product line continues to grow with new OnDemand, Cloud and On-Premise software solutions and its services team is providing direct quality management services to a growing list of manufacturing leaders and suppliers.

Currently, Thompson is the CEO for Creative Allies, an integrated marketing firm that focuses on helping celebrity and consumer brands execute marketing campaigns. Donald also serves on Boards for iCiDIGITAL, O3 Creative, and several other companies and upstarts in North Carolina.  He was also appointed by Governor McCrory to the North Carolina Board of Science, Technology and Innovation, and is an emeritus member of the strategic advisory board for North Carolina State University‘s Computer Science Department.  Donald is also the franchise owner for the Navi Mumbai Sabers of the Elite Football League of India.

InspectionXpert is excited to utilize Thompson’s knowledge and expertise in addition to the other members of the Advisory Board to aid in expanding the reach and enhancing the quality of the company. Donald has some of the most diverse experience to be found in the Triangle area. Previously, Donald was CEO of the technology firm I-Cubed and grew the company to a global organization, going from 16 to 130 employees and recording annual revenue growth of 30%, from 2008-2013.  It was that kind of gumption and forward thinking that spawned an instant friendship when he and Jeff first started working together at I-Cubed.

In his role with InspectionXpert, Thompson will work with the board offering strategic business advice and counsel on topics related to the advancement of technology and is excited to work and see InspectionXpert expand their current reach into new markets and build leaders.

Thompson is excited to join the board and says, “I have always been impressed with the market leadership position that InspectionXpert has built through innovative, customer-focused software solutions and excellent customer support for their diverse customer base in aerospace, medical device, automotive and oil & gas equipment manufacturing.”

Jeff Cope believes this is an inflection point in InspectionXpert’s evolution and added  “InspectionXpert is confident that Donald will be crucial in helping our team turn challenges into opportunities while adding a valuable perspective to enhance the strategic plan at InspectionXpert.”

InspectionXpert is a registered trademark of InspectionXpert Corporation. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.    Copyright 2016 by InspectionXpert Corporation. All rights reserved.

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InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 has been released!


InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 Release Notes

With this release, we take a major step toward making our software more flexible and powerful–thanks to valuable input from our users!

  • Customizable Balloon Numbering – Users can now edit Item numbers in the Characteristics table to create custom numbering schemes.

  • Balloon Sequencing – This feature provides even more control over creating custom numbering sequences, allowing numbering to be driven by user defined settings automatically as characteristics are extracted.

  • ‘Skin’ chooser – For users that preferred the look of the previous InspectionXpert user interface, this option allows them to switch back to our classic interface.

  • Improved Localization – Further improved foreign language application localization.


1. Customizable Balloon Numbering – Do your inspection plans require non-sequential balloon numbering? This new feature allows users to quickly edit the “Item #” field in the Bill of Characteristics to quickly create a custom balloon numbering scheme. Please review the images below for a more detailed overview.


Double click on an ‘Item #’ cell to edit the value.


Enter the desired value.



Balloons and Characteristics are automatically renumbered after hitting enter on the keyboard.



Users can customize as many item numbers in a project as needed.



A new “Reset Custom Numbers” right click option enables users to quickly remove undesired numbering schemes.



This feature can also be used to quickly reorder characteristics in the list.


The characteristic is automatically moved to the specified location in the list.


2. Balloon Sequencing – For users that like Customizable Balloon Numbering enhancement, but want a workflow that allows them to drive the balloon sequencing as characteristics are extracted instead of after, this is the feature for you. This new functionality provides users with the ability to define multiple ‘Balloon Sequence’ settings for a project, specifying a name and a start value for each sequence. These settings can even be stored in a Project Template for use on future projects. Prior to extracting characteristics, users simply need to select the desired ‘Balloon Sequence’ from the Home ribbon menu. Please see the images and explanations below for more details. Note: Balloon Sequencing and Customizable Balloon Numbering features cannot be used in conjunction with one another.


Settings are defined under ‘Options’>’Project Options’>’Ballooning’>’Balloon Sequence’



Characteristics are automatically reorganized and numbered based on the currently selected sequence.


3. ‘Skin’ chooser – For users that preferred the look of the previous InspectionXpert user interface, this option allows them to switch back to our classic interface.


Skin Chooser Menu on ‘Getting Started’ ribbon menu


InspectionXpert 2015 User Interface



InspectionXpert Classic User Interface

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  • Tom Galloway • 158 days ago We have tried to use the custom balloon numbering as shown above. It does not work, we have to manually change every number thereafter not start with say 300 then next balloon is 301, no it goes to the last ballooned number say 61 and you have to change it to 301.
  • Paul Summers • 173 days ago Awesome! A greatly appreciated feature

InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2016 has been released!

InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2016 FCS Release Notes We are proud to announce the first release of InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD for 2016! With this initial 2016 release we have added support for 2D NX and 3D ProE/Creo data in addition to numerous usability improvements. Overview:

InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD can now create inspection reports and ballooned documents from your 2D NX and 3D ProE/Creo data.

Continue reading…


3D ProE/Creo support:


2D NX support:


Log in to the customer portal to run InspectionXpert Ondemand for CAD 2016 now!

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Start Making Fewer Mistakes & Saving More Time

Creating time seems like one impossible task.  Could it be as simple as automatically importing file-level Part Properties and Parameters from your CAD assembly so that you can easily populate your InspectionXpert Project’s Bill of Materials and Bill of Specification? InspectionXpert has got you covered. InspectionXperts offer solutions that make it a little easier to save your time, money, and even your sanity:
  • Update Characteristics when changing default tolerances: Now you can choose to update the tolerances and calculated limits of components in your project automatically after you make edits to your project’s default tolerances.
  • Optical character recognition & Data Extraction from your PDF and TIF: Use of visual drawing comparison to make your more accurate than ever. Your drawings will be more accurate than ever. ExtractionXpert™ enables InspectionXpert to “learn” and optimize data extraction on PDF & TIF drawings.
  • Automatically Identify All Flag Notes: InspectionXpert can now automatically identify all flag notes with the same value throughout and automatically create a group of associated characteristics.
  • Custom Project Property OCR: Use the new OCR buttons to extract custom project property text from your PDF and TIF drawings.
  • Basic & Reference dimension formatting: Render your primary dimensions in Excel with a box border just like they appear on the drawing.
When every aspect has to be done manually, it makes it so much harder than it should be, so solve the problem and be done with it! Work Smarter. Not Harder. Start Your Free Trial NOW  
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How To Automate A Professional Inspection Report With Your CMM

If your company has made substantial investments in factory automation (CNC machines, loading equipment, etc…) to speed up fabrication, then quality inspection may be your new bottleneck (or an old one).   Many companies invest heavily in making parts faster only to have them sit and wait to be inspected in the “refrigerator room” by CMM.

You may find yourself continually having to reshape and redefine processes as a result of increasing requirements from your customers, changing industry standards, employees who don’t understand quality inspection standards and CMM software that doesn’t correlate measurements back to the inspection dimensions on the drawing.

As the need increases to adhere to ever-tightening tolerances, delivery deadlines, and inspection by CMM increases, so does the amount of CMM data that needs to be reported back to your customers.  If the process of reporting CMM measurements and correlating them back to the drawing dimensions isn’t automated and error-free, then the improved accuracy and speed of inspecting with a CMM is negated.

Make the most of your CMM investment by using the industry-standard inspection planning and reporting software that has already streamlined the process for a simpler, faster and more error-free way to do your reporting.

InspectionXpert and its CMMXpert software plugin automate everyday functions to simplify your quality inspection process:
  • CMM data is auto-magically imported from almost any CMM software so you can say goodbye to that budding carpel tunnel syndrome from all the manual data entry
  • CMMXpert has rules for automatically correlating CMM measurements to the drawing dimensions and tolerances but can be manually correlated as well.
  • Once you map CMM results from a given CMM program to an inspection drawing ballooned/bubbled with InspectionXpert, CMMXpert remembers the mapping for future data import from that CMM program!
  • Creating Customized AS9102, PPAP, or FAI Reports to meet your customer’s requirements
  • Creating inspection packages from any PDF or TIFF file and many CAD formats (e.g. DWG, CATPart, etc…).
  • A new option can now be enabled automatically format Basic dimension values with a frame and Reference dimensions surrounded with parenthesis.
  • You can also individually create First Article Inspection and In Process Inspection Documents for your particular industry.
This sound great, but we know you don’t want to get caught with software that doesn’t sync up with your CMM, and that’s why you can see if your CMM is compatible.
  • Calypso
  • Camio
  • CMD Line Format (via Polyworks)
  • CMM Manager – Excel Import
  • CMM Manager
  • CSV
  • Faro Cam2 – Spanish
  • Faro Cam2 Columns
  • Faro Cam2 CSV
  • Faro Cam2 Tabular – Verisurf
  • Faro Cam2 Tabular
  • Faro Cam2
  • Geomeasure – Mode 5
  • Geomeasure – Modes 7 & 8
  • Geomeasure – Modes 7 and 8
  • Keyence IM
  • LaserQC
  • MCosmos – Normal Mode 3
  • MCosmos – Type 1
  • MCosmos – Type 2
  • MCosmos – Type 3
  • MCosmos – Type 4
  • MCosmos
  • MeasureMax
  • Metrologic
  • Metrosoft CM Delimited
  • Metrosoft CM Delimted
  • Metrosoft Quartis – CSV
  • Metrosoft Quartis
  • MicroVu Looping
  • Mitutoyo Microscope
  • Modus
  • OGP – Smart Scope
  • OGP MeasureMind Export Stats
  • OGP MeasureMind QC Calc Export
  • Open DMIS – Spanish
  • Open DMIS
  • PC-DMIS – CSV Excel
  • PC-DMIS – Excel PPAPTxtReport
  • PC-DMIS – Spanish
  • Polyworks
  • PowerInspect
  • QC 5000 – IK 5000
  • QC Calc Export
  • Q-Das Acsii Transfer Mode
  • QDMWeb
  • Tarus – TDR
  • Tarus
  • Virtual Dmis – no column id – actual first
  • Virtual Dmis – no column id – nominal first
  • Virtual Dmis
InspectionXpert works with most CMM software, and we just added some new ones. Do you want to grow your bottom line? Start freeing up your time and making fewer mistakes. Start Your Free Trial Today
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Coming Soon! InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 Release

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 Release With this release, we take a major step toward making our software more flexible and powerful–thanks to valuable input from our users!
  • Customizable Balloon Numbering – Users can now edit Item numbers in the Characteristics table to create custom numbering schemes.
  • Balloon Sequencing – This feature provides even more control over creating custom numbering sequences, allowing numbering to be driven by user defined settings automatically as characteristics are extracted.
  • ‘Skin’ chooser – For users that preferred the look of the previous InspectionXpert user interface, this option allows them to switch back to our classic interface.
  • Improved Localization – Further improved foreign language application localization.
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InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2015 SP07 has been released!


InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2015 SP07 Release Notes

InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD continues to be easier to use and offers additional flexibility and options for extracting data, managing revisions, and much more!. This Service Pack Release (“SP07”) is our 7th major upgrade for this product in 2015, and offers our clients 5 powerful new features and capabilities in addition to a wide variety of other fixes and improvements.

Overview of Features:

  • Revision Management – Process revisions for all supported CAD formats!

  • Characteristic Identification with automatic Balloon Appearance presets – Define a variety of balloon appearance settings to be automatically applied based on the Classification of your characteristics.

  • Extract text from CAD file for Project Properties – Extract annotation text to populate your Project Properties.

  • Import CAD document properties / parameters with buttons on Project Properties –  Populate Project Properties with properties and parameters stored within your CAD files.

  • New extraction settings for Notes – More granular control over filtering the extraction of note annotations.

Here are the details:

Revision Management- Users can now process revisions using this new feature. Revision Management automatically analyzes changes between two CAD files and provides a summary of all annotations that have been removed, modified, or added. Users can choose to have InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD automatically process all of the changes between revisions, or to highlight all changed items in the project, allowing the user to review each item individually. See screenshots below for more details.


New menu option for Revision Management


Manual Revision Management change summary with instructions for manual processing.


Automated Revision Management change summary with user preferences for automatic processing.


Modified and removed characteristics are highlighted orange and red in the table manager.


Modified and new annotations are highlighted orange and green in the viewer area.

Characteristic Identification with automatic Balloon Appearance presets- New “Characteristic Identification” feature found within the Ballooning Project Options can be used to predefine a variety of balloon appearance settings that will be automatically applied based on either a customizable Identification Criteria or a selected Classification. This allows users to quickly apply unique balloon appearances to special characteristics for easy identification when performing an inspection.


Extraction buttons for Project Properties- New extraction buttons for the Project Properties now enable users to extract text from annotations to populate these fields without the need to type.


New extraction buttons for Project Properties

Import document properties or parameters for Project Properties- New buttons for each Project Property name enable users to automatically populate this data.


New buttons for importing document properties or parameters to populate Project Properties

New extraction settings for Notes- Users can now choose to automatically filter the extraction of Datums, Flag Notes, and Section View Markers. No longer a need to avoid these undesired Note types with the SmartExtract tool or to manually remove them after extracting.


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  • Elango.P • 215 days ago Hi, How to enable these all updates in my IXOD CAD sotware,is auto update or we did by manual ? Kindly share your guidance with me. Thank you, Elango.P
  • Jeff Cope • 202 days ago The updates are automatic. Technical support can help you if you need some help finding the new features.